Who We Are

Life Line Screening (LLS) is the largest direct-to-consumer health screening company in the US and a leading provider of consumer-pay and preventive health and wellness services since 1993. LLS employs highly skilled, mobile clinical teams that conduct 15,000 community-based preventive health screening events annually and serves over 750,000 participants nationwide.

Our unique ability in healthcare is identifying, communicating and engaging directly with participants. We are experts in educating our participants about the risks of disease and how preventive screening can help them avoid the serious consequences of those diseases.

Life Line Community Healthcare LLC is an affiliate of life line Screening of America, LTD. LLCH is a leading provider of Annual Wellness Visits, Health Risk Assessments and Advance Care Planning. We offer an unparalleled solution that can assist in identifying and closing care gaps to improve HEDIS scores and Star Ratings through our community based preventive services.

We are dedicated to helping people live fuller, healthier lives by identifying risk factors for chronic disease. Customers sometimes tell us they feel that the Life Line Screening they received saved their life.

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