Focused on Prevention

Life Line Community Healthcare is your path to risk identification,
management, & education.

About Life Line Community Healthcare

Life Line Community Healthcare provides nationwide access to preventive healthcare.  Our unique ability in healthcare is connection, communication, identification, and planning.  Life Line services include:

Annual Wellness

Health Risk

Advance Care

Remote Patient Monitoring

Transitional Care Coordination

We are a team of nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians who are experts in educating about the risks of disease and how routine preventive screening is the pathway to early identification and avoidance of serious health consequences. 

Our unparalleled service not only paves the way to healthy aging for the individual but assists in identifying and closing care gaps to improve HEDIS scores and STAR ratings for our insurance and health system partners.

450,000 Annual Wellness Visits provided since 2013.

"I feel it is important to educate those trying to reach their health goals by providing them with useful information. Once they reach their goals with the tools that I have given them as a nurse, I find it very rewarding that they are on a path to a healthier lifestyle."
Nurse Lisa
"I am passionate about working with LLCH because the team at LLCH are truly awesome, down-to-earth genuine people to work with, they are compassionate about wanting to make a positive difference in each other’s lives and the lives of the people that we serve."
Nurse Pracitioner

Business Partners

Life Line Community Healthcare has brought together a skilled team of healthcare professionals and support personnel to craft the ideal collaboration for conducting outreach, medical care, and care coordination. For more Business Partners’ information, click here.

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